5 Great Tips To Finding The Perfect Handbag!

5 Totally Amazing Bags To Love Now

Most of us can’t live without a handbag to tote around everything that we need for our day or evening activities. So, finding the right bag is almost as important as finding a best friend. It keeps all of your secrets, always comes to the rescue, helps you look like a million dollars and so on…

Personally, I think that September is actually the best time to choose a new bag for your Fall wardrobe. Especially, this Fall season when the handbags are all about being sophisticated, vibrant, and versatile! 

So, we put together our top (5) tips on finding the perfect bag made just for you!

1. Don’t try to embrace the unembraceable! Meaning, you don’t want to look for bags that are too big for your frame. Especially if you’re a petite person. If you need a multi-functional bag, your best bet is to choose a medium sized neutral colored one. Such as the gorgeous grey Kate Spade bag in the pic below:  

Grey Kate Spade Handbag

2. Think lifestyle when shopping for handbags: tiny handbags are useless if you’re a person that constantly needs to carry her life with her, and a really huge handbag can run the risk of making you look a little old-fashioned. However, the fierce cranberry colored Burberry handbag in the pic below is the perfect balanced sized bag to jazz up any outfit:

Cranberry Burberry Handbag

3. Keep in mind that the right bag should flatter your shape. Of course, it won’t make you look thinner…but it can definitely compliment your body type: The shape of the bag should oppose your body type for maximum flattery, and the size of the bag should be in proportion to your figure. For example, this mustard colored Dooney & Bourke bag in the photo below would actually be the perfect compliment to a tall & thin frame, a petite frame, and on a curvy glamanista.

Mustard Dooney & Bourke Handbag

4. Remember that accessories are all about complimenting your look. So, do feel free to play with color when choosing a handbag. You do not have to stick with the traditional “black” bag. This is not a rule! Black bags are a great basic staple item to have in your collection, but they can tend to be somewhat boring if worn with every outfit on every occasion. So, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try some unusual colors! Contrary to a lot of fashion stereotypes, even an emerald green bag will work pretty well with almost any outfit. We’re actually really loving the vibrant color of this amazing Danielle Nicole handbag below.

Emerald green Danielle Nicole Handbag

5. Do pay attention to the details! Handbags adorned with studded styles, zippered looks, fancy stitching or even with heavy metal hardware will give your look a cool and edgy vibe. Check out this beautiful gold studded Michael Kors handbag below:  

Black Michael Kors Handbag

As a stylist, I always advise my clients not to be afraid to play with bold colors, unusual shapes and interesting patterns. Unless, you’ve decided to splurge on a really (must-have-to-die-for) expensive bag, choose one that you will be able to wear often. It doesn’t make sense to drop $600 on a bag that will barely see the light of day. Unless, of course you got it like that..*wink*. However, if you’re buying several inexpensive bags, you can have a classic brown or black everyday bag, and then feel free to experiment with funky and trendier styles with the other handbags. Just remember that style is all about your personal preference. So, be bold..have fun..and try something new this season!

Will you be adding a new bag to your collection? How do you go about finding the perfect one? 


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