9 Great Pieces To Snag From The Isabel Marant For H&M Collaboration

Isabel Marant For H&M_opt

                                          Photo Credit: Twitter @man_of_style

The Isabel Marant For H&M collection kicks off in stores and online tomorrow (Nov.14), and Tia’s college fund is now threatened. Yeah, I know that I’m super ratchet for even admitting that. However, the uber cool French designer is bringing her effortlessly chic style to one of my favorite retailers and I am really thinking about braving the Yankee Stadium sized crowds to scoop up a few items.

The collection will consist of shoes, clothes, and accessories…all of my favorites *wink*. Granted the price’s are a wee bit higher than what I’m used to spending at H&M. However, for those of us (such as myself) that can’t afford Marant’s regular prices, this collection is definitely an amazing affordable alternative!

So, being the great friend that I am (smile)…I’ve pulled a few cool pieces that have a lot of “wearing mileage” potential without totally rendering you poor this holiday season:

Photo Credit: H&M

The H&M Times Square flagship location will be the first store in the world to sell the collection, beginning at 1 AM ET. All of the other participating stores will open at 8 AM. However, if you don’t want to face the madhouse, you can try logging online to purchase the collection here. However, due to the overwhelming demand for these goodies, don’t be surprised if you log onto a crashed website.

I know that my die hard fashionistas will be front and center at each store ready to secure their stylish pirate’s booty…so get there early, try to avoid the inevitable catfights, and good luck!

Is anyone else planning to brave the crowds on Thursday morning? Comment below and let me know which items excite you the most.


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