Beyoncé Addresses “Honesty” In PT. 5 Of Self-Titled Documentary [Watch]

Beyoncé, PT. 5 Self-Titled Documentary, Rocket, Honesty, Miguel, Justin Timberlake

In the fifth installment of her “Self-Titled” docu-series chronicling the making of her new visual album, Beyoncé talks about collaborating with Miguel and Justin Timberlake to create the super sensual and (my absolute favorite) track..Rocket. Beyoncé breaks down the journey that the song takes us on and explains how she was so into creating that moment that she just didn’t want the song to end. Neither did I Bey! That song is extremely liberating and just so damn grown woman sexy. Well, according to Beyoncé, she’s finally in a space in her career that has afforded her the right to express any and every side of herself. Even if it makes your mama wanna clutch her pearls! With this album, Mrs. Carter states that she was finally able to drop that “4th wall” and find the confidence needed to record some real baby making music. You go girl! I’m telling you, there is nothing like the beauty of truly being comfortable in your own skin! 

Take a look and get honest with Bey below:

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