Carol’s Daughter Founder Lisa Price Talks Family, Inspiration & History-Making Success!

Myleik Teele & Lisa Price

I recently had a chance to catch up with my “blog-stalking” and I came across this terrific interview with two of my favorite beauty mavens, Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price and CurlBox founder Myleik Teele and I had to share it! Now, if you follow me on a few of my other social outlets, you know that Ms. Myleik Teele can do no wrong in my book! This former PR Maven turned entrepreneur is the “sister-girl-mentor-friend” that we ALL need in our corners! Myleik is the truth, and she has certainly provided me with much needed inspiration and a remote swift kick in my behind when I’ve needed it from time to time. Myleik really has her finger on the pulse of what it takes to succeed in business today. She keeps it real with her audience through various social networks, and even produces podcasts that offer up FREE business advice & extremely useful tidbits of information to just help you navigate thru this game of life. 

Well, Myleik recently flew in to New York City to catch up with Lisa Price at the Carol’s Daughter offices to discuss Lisa’s ground breaking new venture with Target stores and her brand’s phenomenal success. For the past 20 years, Lisa has been creating natural products for her acclaimed line Carol’s Daughter and this March she will become the first black female brand EVER to have her product on the shelves in EVERY Target store in the nation & on! You Go Girl!! 

Check out the interview below and be prepared to be inspired!

Congratulations to Lisa Price and to Carol’s Daughter on all of your success! 

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