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This week we had the pleasure of catching up with “Commander In Chic” Kade, the ever-stylish proprietor behind the NYC-based fashion & lifestyle blog Kades Mode. This wardrobe stylist & PR maven is known around town for her killer fashion sense, sweet personality, and vast knowledge of beauty-insider tips & tricks. So, we just had to get this Nautie girl to share the deets on her top beauty favorites, and to give up a few secrets on how she maintains her oh-so-fabulous hustle. Take a look….

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1) Boscia Sunscreen: I am all about promoting healthy skin. You should always have a good sunscreen over 30+ spf to protect your skin from the sun.

2) Soy Eye Make Up Remover: Promoting a good beat! In retrospect, a good clean up is imperative. Soy’s eye makeup remover helps promote healthy skin and an easy to use removal system.

3) Lip Exfiolator: Check out my previous review. My lips are my best and favorite feature, so I have to keep them looking fabulous with a good natural exfoliator. The creator of this product is also a college student: @LanaLipCare on Twitter (#WomenEmpowerment)

4) Chapstick: You must have a good chapstick. Any basic chapstick works for me. Such as the EOS chapstick. I currently have the lemon flavor.

5) Stress Relief Soap: I have an extensive schedule. So the little “me” time that I get, I love this fragrance and therapeutic soap to help ease the anxiety of blog editorial calendar management and wardrobe styling endeavors.


 Best beauty advice ever received…

“Love the skin you are in.”

My favorite place to shop…

“In the closets of the showrooms that I pull from.”

“A great cup of Chardonnay with a slice of cheesecake”…is my guilty pleasure!

I love to de-stress by..

“Researching trends!”

“The higher the heel, the crazier the design, the bolder the color, keeps me”…keeps me Fly, Fab & Fearless! 

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Photo Credit:
Photographer: Memories Photography by Chris Johnson

Instagram: @MemoriesPhotography

Hair Stylist: Erika Jackson Instagram: @Edkyha

Make Up Artist: Keith Love Instagram: @MUAKeithLove

Wardrobe Stylist: Tyshala Wright Instagram: @Tyshala


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