Congratulations…YouTube Sensation Issa Rae Scores New HBO Series!

issa.rae - Writer - Producer - Actress
Issa Rae is just another example of why I am constantly yelling…“We can do all things thru the power of YouTube!!”  In case you’re not familiar with Issa, allow me to give you a little run down on who she is… Back in February 2011, led by her dismay of the portrayal of people of color in the media, the then aspiring director / producer / writer / actress (and Stamford graduate) used the YouTube platform to introduce her web series, “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” to the world and she’s been riding a wave of success ever since.

Awkward Black Girl is a 10-minute award-winning web series that chronicles “J”, a young woman trying “to just figure life out” through her awkwardness in Los Angeles. Now, here’s where it gets real….after an extremely successful first season, Issa not only managed to raise $40,000 from fan donations to produce another season, but she also caught the attention of super producer Pharrell Williams who partnered with her to show season two of ABG on his I AM OTHER YouTube Channel. Season two was also a smash hit and garnered an astounding 100,000 views in its first three days! 

In just two short years, Issa has proven without a doubt that she is a force to be reckoned with, and has definitely caused Hollywood to stand up and pay attention. Issa is currently co-hosting the show “Exhale” on the Aspire Network, and has scored not one, but TWO upcoming network shows of her own!! Issa will be working with Shonda Rhimes, creator of the critically acclaimed “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal” to co-executive produce her new half-hour comedy, “I Hate L. A. Dudes” for ABC, and she just snagged a deal to develop and star in a new untitled comedy series for HBO!!

Issa is not only an inspiration, but a true testament to what can happen when you set out to create your own opportunities. We wish her nothing but continued success on her journey and her rise to the top!

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