DJ Traci Steele Says ‘I Didn’t Leak My Own Pic’ & ‘Sexting Is A No-No’!!

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Traci Steele is ticked off and rightfully so!

Unfortunately, last month someone leaked a nude photo of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star online and you know that everyone believed that Traci gave up the pic in an effort to keep her name out there after the season ended. Well…apparently, that ain’t how it went down and Traci recently sat down with S2S to set the record straight.

“At first I was devastated and I cried for like two days,” said Steele, “It’s so short-live, here today gone tomorrow. People aren’t going to care about that next week.

Now, while on ‘LHHA’ this woman became the butt of many cruel jokes and memes in regard to her certain facial features. This was in spite of being fully clothed week to week. So, I could only imagine the type of scrutiny that she would have faced standing around in all of glory for the world to see. However, Traci says that she has received nothing but a positive response from this faux pas. However, it was still very painful to have her privacy invaded, especially because she’s a mother.

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“My son is the most important thing to me and I wouldn’t want anything to affect him,” Steele said.

Unfortunately, Traci is not the only celebrity or woman for that matter to have their personal photos leaked to the press. However, you live you learn. Crap happens right?…and despite the need to want to keep it spicy with your partner, Traci is sending a PSA out to all women on the dangers of those sexy selfies that we all like to take…and maybe message off to someone *wink wink*.

I’m only human, I made a mistake,” she said. “Even in a relationship, you can send a picture to somebody that you love and you’re trying to keep your relationship interesting, but you don’t know where those pictures will land in the future. So, don’t do it,” Traci warned.

You can check out her full video interview here.

 Ladies, have you ever had a “private” sexy selfie go public? If so, how did you handle it?



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