Doing YOU!

Ladies, look closely…raise your right hand…and repeat after me: ” I declare from this day forth that I will remember to make some time for ME!”

Unfortunately, due to the hectic lifestyles that we all tend to lead nowadays, I’m pretty sure that we have ALL been guilty of neglecting ourselves at some point. We are so busy trying to juggle the balls labeled kids, family, relationships, careers, new ventures, etc. that we ultimately end up dropping the ball labeled “ME”. This is definitely a no-no!

Trying to meet the demands and needs of others, while constantly ignoring your own, will most certainly start to take a toll on you. It will leave you feeling inadequate, resentful, and stressed out all of the time. I’m sorry, but the Palace would not be a lovely place to visit if the Queen is running around acting like Evilena, because she is overwhelmed, aggravated, or frustrated!

 All kidding aside, “Doing YOU” is actually a very vital component to maintaining your physical, mental, and emotional well being. It should also be viewed as a priority on your ever growing “to do list”. From experience, I know that this tends to be easier said than done. However, it is imperative to your growth as a woman, and as a future mogul, to set aside a few hours every week to just exhale & regroup. You can use this time to watch a few of those shows trapped in your DVR, indulge in a good novel, or my personal favorite…go shopping.

Trust me, if the good Lord can pull himself away from HIS busy schedule to rest on the 7th day, then YOU can definitely find the time to do the same!

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