Shots Fired! Evelyn Lozada Blasts Wendy Williams For Shady Remarks About Her Family

Evelyn & Wendy

Gossip queen Wendy Williams is definitely no stranger to ruffling a few celebrity feathers with her usual banter and critique about their lives. However, this week I think Wendy got a little more than she bargained for after making a few ‘shade but no shade’ comments about reality star Evelyn Lozada and her family.

Last weekend, Evelyn and Los Angeles Dodgers Outfielder Carl Crawford welcomed the birth of their new son, Carl Leo Crawford Jr. Of course, the joyous news made it to the “Hot Topics” segment on the “Wendy Williams Show,” where Wendy took to ‘congratulating’ mama Evelyn.

“Evelyn gave birth to a cash register…I mean… a baby boy with her fiancé, the $142 million Carl Crawford,” Williams announced to her studio audience before apologizing, “I didn’t mean to make that cash register joke, but you see why it’s easy to be said. Evelyn, girl, congratulations.”

In true Wendy fashion, the talk show host just had to push the shady envelope a little further:

“And Carl, like a lot of sports players and a lot of artists, he’s not a bad looking man, but certainly wasn’t getting the likes of an Evelyn Lozada if he wasn’t playing baseball, you know what I mean,” she added. “Like she upgraded him, and now that she had the baby, he’s upgrading her…Here’s what I’m thinking, Ev. You should become involved in a lot of charity work. And also, talk to your man about opening you up another Dulce…except Dulce Beverly Hills, not Dulce Miami.”

Now, do you really think that Evelyn was going to sit quietly on the sidelines after this? Nope, Me either. The woman just had a baby, so you know those hormones are raging right about now. Well, the 38-yr-old reality star took to firing back at Wendy via her own one million plus audience on Twitter:

Whomp! There it is! Sometimes you can only push someone so far before they’re fed up with your BS. Wendy typically never responds after being called out on her mess, so I doubt that this will be any different. However, I also doubt that she’ll ever have anything nice to say about Evelyn on ‘Hot Topics’ ever again as well. 

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