Family Feud: Solange Attacks Jay Z At Met Gala After Party

Solange attacks Jay Z during an elevator ride - 1
Good Lawd Alive! What in the hell did Hova do to Solange Knowles to get her to open up a can of whoop azz on him in a elevator after attending a Met Gala after-party?!?! 

Yep…apparently Solange and Jay Z got into an altercation in the elevator while Beyoncé and her bodyguard tried to diffuse the situation. A video posted by TMZ captured the family drama which took place last week while the trio was leaving the Standard Hotel in New York. On the video, you can see Solange enter the elevator that Jay & Beyoncé are already on, approach Jay and then commence to swinging and kicking like her life depended on it. Now, if you’re a fan of Solange, then you already know that Bey’s little sister is not to be messed with. She is known to cuss you out in a heartbeat if she deems it necessary. So, you better not come for her, unless she sends for you first. However, I can only imagine what Jay did to piss her off and cause her to lose her cool to that extent at such a public event. You can tell by the expression on Solo’s face in the above pic that she was just too through after getting off that elevator. 

No word on what caused the brouhaha in the first place, and reps for the trio are not saying a word either. However, shortly after the video was posted online, the hotel did issue a statement about the “breach of their security system,” declaring to discipline and prosecute the individuals involved with the leak. Yeah, I’m sure…because someone probably made a very pretty penny off of this…SMH

What do you think? Was this ratchet or nah? (Sorry…I just couldn’t resist..Lol)



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