Finding Your Keys To Success

This morning I woke up to a very nice email from a young woman in London!!! Woo Hoo…that perked me right up. It means someone outside of MY circle of friends and family in the USA has actually connected with little ole me…across the pond at that! Pardon the excitement..but as a new blogger, little moments like this seriously make me happy.

Anywho, she wrote in asking if I could share any secrets on achieving success, so I decided to share this with all of ya’ll. Apparently, she’s been following me for sometime on Instagram, loved my positivity and “just knew” that I had to be really successful and happy because of my positive posts everyday.  

At first, I started to reply that I definitely wasn’t as nearly as “successful” as she probably thought that I was. However, after really thinking about it, I realized that although I have yet to reach the monetary success that I am striving for, I’ve actually done pretty well for myself. Over the last few years, I’ve learned to truly accept change, I’ve faced more than a few fears, and I’ve found unbelievable strength and the courage needed to pursue my dreams. my book, that makes me pretty darn successful! Although, I’m not yet where I want to be in this new chapter of my life, I know exactly where I’m headed and that makes all the difference in the world. So, here are some of my “keys” that have been instrumental in me achieving success:

1) You must define what success means to you: In order to be successful, you need a clear idea of what “success” means to YOU. Not the definition that you get from the dictionary, Google or from Oprah’s daily quotes. You must have your own definition, you need to live by it, and you need to redefine it when you reach it. Success for me, comes from setting goals for myself and seeing them come to fruition. My latest achievement was starting this site. Especially since I had NO idea what I was doing, yet I was determined to bring this idea to life. So, to see what it is slowly developing into is definitely an amazing accomplishment for me.

2) Believe that you can: I was raised with the notion that I could do anything that I wanted to do, as long as I believed in myself enough to do it! This is not always easy to do, but you have to realize if you don’t believe in you..why should anyone else? I know in my heart that I’m the and I dare someone to try and tell me otherwise. I don’t expect everyone to always understand my passion, especially when God didn’t give them my vision. Yet, I trust in my abilities to make them a reality and that is enough to keep me moving forward.

3) Weed out the negative peeps in your life: Unfortunately, over the course of the last few years, I’ve had to end a few friendships with people who I thought were my friends but were really not. We all tend to have a few “Nanny Naysayers” in our circle. Folks that never really encourage your dreams, or always have something negative to say about everything. I’m telling you, misery loves company and when I chose to hop off of that merry-go-round, my life improved drastically. When you surround yourself with positive energy, you can’t help but to attract positive energy. I know that this is not always easy to do, but you will be amazed by the difference that it makes in your world.

4) Treat people the way that you want to be treated: This is very important to me because I am a huge believer in Karma. I believe that you should be mindful as to what you put out into the universe because it most definitely will come back to you. That belief, along with my relationship with God and the fact that I am raising a very precocious 12 year old, is enough to keep me straight. It’s not even a concentrated effort, its my spirit. Thankfully, I just don’t find “joy” in being a b*tch. Plus, you tend to block your own blessings by being an evil wench, so why bother?

5) Be thankful for everything: The last few years of my life have amounted to one big lesson in self-discovery. These “lessons” have all redefined who I thought that I was and I am extremely grateful for that. I am thankful for each and every experience that I’ve endured and every single opportunity that I’ve been given. Especially the “bad” ones, as these usually make for the best learning experiences.

Everyone views success differently. For me, success is being able to build a great company that allows me to drop my daughter to school in the morning and to be there for her when she comes home in the afternoon. My success is the freedom to set up shop with my Mac and work anywhere around the globe that has an internet connection. It allows me to connect with and to encourage young women around the world to pursue their passion and to make their dreams a reality. My success is finding happiness in being able to bring my dreams to life. Now, its time to define yours.

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