Game Recognizes Game…

Ladies, we all have the potential to achieve greatness. Quite honestly, I believe that this potential is embedded in our female DNA. However, it is how we choose to act on that potential that will ultimately determine our success in life.

It is also that potential, and confidence within our own capabilities that will ultimately breed humility, not jealousy within a person. As a woman on her grind, you should be able to recognize, celebrate, and congratulate another woman out here trying to pave her way. You should also be eager to network, and align yourself with that person, if for nothing other than inspiration and motivation towards achieving your own goals.

At the end of the day, we are all running the same race with the same purpose; to succeed at this game of life. However, it is definitely easier to rise to the top of the game when we are not clawing each other down like crabs in a barrel.


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