Get A Sexy Rump With Rosa Acosta’s “Donkey Kick” Exercise

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Ladies, trust me when I tell you that Rosa Acosta is the TRUTH! This former professional ballerina, turned model, turned fitness expert has a body that I would probably sell my soul for…(don’t judge me, I’d rather buy it at this point because I obviously can’t shake this junk food monkey off of my back right now)…

Anywho, today I wanted to share an exercise that I’ve recently stumbled upon, and (gasp) I am really loving the results! Since, I wasn’t about to snapshot a pic of my booty and throw it up here…(not that brave..YET), I pulled a pic of Rosa’s instead! Her video…her booty..only fair!

Rosa Acosta Booty Shots


Since most women are usually afraid to exercise their lower body because they don’t want to lose their curves, I figured I’d share a little something to motivate you into working on those buns! Donkey kicks are a simple yet highly effective way to keep your booty and your legs nice and toned. I usually tend to slack off of my diet and exercise routine once bikini season starts to fade away…(No bueno, I know), but Rosa’s donkey kicks have slowly motivated me to start moving again. I’m ready to turn this jelly roll into buns of steel baby! This exercise is all about keeping your booty..beautiful, “bounceable”, and bountiful…

So, check it out and give it go:

Being a Nautie girl is definitely a lifestyle, and we’d love to hear about your favorite exercises and fitness tips! Sharing is caring…so, feel free to drop us some info below!


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