Hello Hottie! Solange Scorches The Pages of Complex Magazine

In every interview that I’ve either read or watched on this soulful singer, Solange always comes across as one of the most honest, tell-it-like-it-is, what-you-see-is-what-you-get types…and I totally love her for that! Her most recent interview In the new June / July issue of Complex Magazine proves no different. Here she waxes poetic about her world, and gives us a little insight into just what makes Solange tick.

Her Inspiration:

“I have a mother who never took no for an answer when it came to her creative pursuits,” Solange says. “She started a hair salon in her spare bedroom and four years later had 30 employees. I have a father who was the first black student in his junior high and high school and had to do a lot to get to that point. So it’s really in my bloodline when it comes to having an idea and making it happen”

Solange-Knowles-for-Complex-June-July 2013-11

On Being A Mommy:

“When I’m home, I’m just straight mommin’ it,” Solange says of life in Brooklyn, which revolves around 8-year-old Juelz. “School runs, play dates, soccer games, etc. You have to constantly fight for that balance and now I kinda got it under control.” After a hectic few weeks on tour, she’s looking forward to leaving town with Juelz later today for a two-week vacation—a week in L.A. and a week in New Orleans, where she feels very, very at home. “I go to crazy bounce clubs,” she says. “I eat crazy po’ boys, drink daiquiris. I ride my bike a lot.”

On Leaving Her Former Label:

“I wanted to make all of the creative artistic decisions but I wasn’t the one paying for it. And they didn’t fully trust me to make them. Every decision was a battle. It was exhausting. I wanted to be in a position where not only was the music fully my body of work, but everything thereafter was also my body of work. I knew that meant I had to leave and that I had to struggle. (I) split with the label and later that year leaked a song called “Fuck the Industry (Signed Sincerely).”

Click here to read the full interview, but before that check out the slideshow below to see more amazing shots of Solange…

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