Intern for the Nautie Network!

Are you a college student obsessed with fashion, music, & entertainment? Do you love to write? Passionate about Graphic Design? Are you looking for fun work experience doing something you love? Or maybe, you’re trying to break into the Apparel, Music or Entertainment industry and you need to gain some experience.

If so, The Nautie Network is currently accepting internship applications.

Responsibilities include lots of writing, researching, editing photos, creating outfit layouts, and keeping up with the latest trends, music and celebrities. Writers will be expected to contribute 1-3 blog posts a week and will be able to choose their own topics and set their own hours.

What we’re looking for:

The ideal candidate should be passionate about all things fashion, beauty, music, or entertainment. Be responsible, hard working, self-motivated, creative, and organized. Preference will be given to candidates with prior blogging experience, fashion-related or not. (Personal blogs count!) Applicants should have a strong command of the English language (spelling and grammar are very important) and should be able to handle writing on a deadline. Knowledge of WordPress, HTML, Adobe Photoshop, and/or Polyvore is a big plus.

Why Write for The Nautie Network?

This is an excellent opportunity if you’re interested in fashion or journalism and want to expand your writing portfolio and get your name out there. Our writers will walk away with fashion and media industry experience, improved web writing skills, and possibly even a job.

Writing for The Nautie Network will give you real-life fashion and media experience and will be an impressive reference on any resume.

Perks of joining our team include having a fun job, networking within the industry, attending fashion, music, entertainment-related events in your area when available, and testing out new products. Also, since this is an online position, you’ll be able to work from any location and choose your own hours.

College credit is available and recommended.

How to Apply:

If you’re interested in writing for The Nautie Network, send an email to with Intern Application as the subject. Include the following:

  • Samples of your writing (include your blog URL if you have one – doesn’t have to be fashion or entertainment-related, we just want to know you’re tech-savvy and can write) – the more relevant the better! If you don’t have experience writing fashion or blog-style articles, write up a sample article to show you can handle it. Bonus points if you include pictures and/or a Polyvore set (we give preference to applicants who understand what looks good on a page).
  • A list of topics you’d like to blog about – be specific. If you get the position, what are some articles you’d like to write about for The Nautie Network? If you could have a weekly column here, what would it cover? What topics are you most passionate and knowledgeable about? (Do you keep up with the Who’s Who in the celebrity world, Do you love music or cinema? Are you a makeup maven? A DIY expert? A nail polish addict? Anything goes as long as it is in a POSITIVE light. We want to know who you are and what you could bring to the site!) We are looking for writers with lots of fresh ideas, so the more creative and unique, the better. (Note: If your post ideas center around Polyvore “outfit” sets, make sure to include Polyvore sets in your application to show your skills.)
  • If, you’re in college, let us know where you go to school and your class year
  • Tell us whether or not you have experience with WordPress, HTML, and/or Photoshop
  • Information on any other relevant experience that qualifies you for this job

Basically, we want to know why you’re perfect for the position. Standard resumes and cover letters are boring, so the more personal and creative your application, the better. Can’t wait to hear from you!