FYI, You Just Might Need This: NK Garlic Nail Treatment


Back in the day, I used to swear that my nails were too weak to grow on their own and that I just had to slap on some acrylic tips in order to beautify my ten stumpy digits. Seriously, you could find me at the nail salon every two weeks like clockwork getting my full set and a fill on. However, I pretty much ditched my acrylic overlay once I had my daughter…which was almost thirteen years ago. Surprisingly, I never went back to getting them professionally done. I guess after years of damage, and then the time it took to nurse them back to health, I just decided to stick with a regular old (DIY) manicure and call it a day.

I currently prefer to keep my natural nails short. I apply my base, choice of polish, a top coat and I buckle down to start the process all over again once my mani starts to look raggedy…which is usually within 2 or 3 days. Now, even though the world is going gaga over Gel mani’s right now, I’d rather not risk the damage to my nails again so the DIY mani it is . However, as basic as my routine is, I am still in pursuit of the perfect chip-free-long-lasting mani…and I think I finally found it!

Last week, I settled down on Sunday to get my mani together and without much thought, I grabbed the following (3) bottles of polish: NK Nail Treatment, “Hazard” by Sinful Colors, and LA Colors Super Strength Nail Builder

Chip Free Manicure

And…ladies, let me tell you…this combo right here is definitely the TRUTH! Last Friday rolled around and I happened to be pounding away on the keys at work when I suddenly realized that my nails were virtually CHIP FREE! (So much for concentrating on the task at hand..hehe). Now, my nails weren’t perfect. However, they were certainly far from the raggedy looking claws I’d usually be left with if I tried to rock a five day-old mani sans a few touch ups. Take a look:

1 - Chip Free Nails For a Week

2 - Chip Free Nails For a Week

See..virtually CHIP FREE! There was some visible growth around the cuticles and some thinness around the very edge of my nails..but NO major chips! Now, I’ve been using the NK Garlic Treatment on my nails solo for the last two months on the days that I’ve been too lazy to go all out glam, and it has definitely made my nails much stronger. However, this was the first time actually using the Garlic Treatment as a base coat…and I have no complaints. The best part of it all is the fact that I snagged the treatment from my local beauty store for $1.00! I actually grabbed the Sinful Colors polish from Walgreens for $1.99 & the LA Colors from Family Dollar for $1.00 too. Shoot…I got a damn near perfect mani for under $5.00 bucks…She WINS!

Have you achieved a DIY chip free mani? If so, share the love & let us know what we should try!


Featured Photo: Courtesy of Thirteenth & Hudson



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