KimYe Wedding Photo Sets Record For Most Liked Instagram Shot

Kim Ye Wedding Photo - First Kiss

So, the jury maybe out on whether or not Kim Kardashian & Kanye West are the ‘World’s Most Influential Couple,’ but there’s no arguing that they’re certainly the most liked on Instagram!

According to news reports put out by Instagram, the KimYe wedding hoopla which took place over this past Memorial Day weekend actually yielded the couple the honor of having the ‘most liked’ photo in Instagram’s three-year history.┬áLast week, the newly minted Mrs. West posted this beautiful snapshot of the two lovebirds in mid-smooch and apparently over 2.05 million people (and counting) have clicked that little red heart! See for yourself…

Awww…like’em or not, you have to admit that this really is a beautiful wedding photo!

As for the rest of us snap happy Instagrammers, now that we know that there are levels to this Instagram ish, we now have something new to aspire to…Lol


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