Look For Less: Schutz Eirini Cutout Gladiator Sandals

Look For Less: Schutz Eirini Cutout Gladiator Sandals

Thanks to my daily Instagram stalking haunts, I’ve developed a serious infatuation with gladiator sandals. Now, prior to my social media fixation, this is a style that I probably would’ve never gravitated to while perusing the shoe racks at Bloomie’s. However, after months of viewing “subliminal” photo messages on IG and watching some of my fave fashion bloggers give them a whirl, I’ve convinced myself that I MUST add a pair to my collection. So, I was stoked yesterday after spotting these killer Schutz Eirini Cutout Gladiators on The Fashion Bomb Daily. The color, style, and height are perfect! The $330 price tag…not so much.


Schutz Eririni Cutout Gladiator Sandals $330

However, after a little internet stalking I found the “Look for Less” shortly after for a fraction of the cost. The Vince Camuto Omera Tall Gladiator Heel Sandals are the perfect dupe for the Schutz Eirini Gladiator sandals. The style, heel height and specs are similar and the price is a little friendlier as well. The sandals can be found at a few retailers across the web and are available in black and nutmeg. Of course, I would’ve preferred the dupe to be closer to $100, but I’ve been a very good frugalista lately so I deserve the splurge (or so I like to tell myself..Lol). 

VINCE Camuto Omera Tall Gladiator Heel Sandals

Vince Camuto Omera Gladiator Heel Sandals $179

Are you feeling the gladiator trend this season? Do you think this style is Nautie! or Not….



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