Must See! Youtube Sensation Superfruit Covers Beyoncé’s Entire Album In 5 Minutes! [Watch]

Superfruit Duo Covers Beyonce's Entire Album

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is watching folks cover my fave songs on YouTube. I have no idea why I’m so hooked on this, but I can seriously watch YouTube covers for HOURS. Okay…Honestly, I think this is fueled by my desire to be a judge on the Voice or American Idol, but since Christina nor Simon have ever knocked down my door offering me a spot, this will just have to do. Now, I love to critique them (as if anyone really cares) and I live to think that I’ve discovered the next Justin Beiber. So, trust me (and my when I tell you that I was damn near speechless after watching this particular video by YouTube singing sensation Superfruit. Chile, these boys are bad!! Apparently, the duo decided to do a cover of one of Beyoncé’s songs off of her latest chart topping album. However, since they couldn’t agree on which song to cover, they decided to cover them ALL…in 5 minutes no less…and they KILLED it!!

Take a listen and get ya life in the process:

What do you think? Were they Nautie…or Not!

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