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Since I will be headed back up to NYC in a few days and this non-stop rainy weather has me feeling like I’m in Seattle instead of Tampa, I decided to hunt down some new rain boots. (This weather pretty much gives me another reason to shop, so I’m not that upset over this rain). I never really owned a decent pair of rain boots, but I think its high time for me to step my shoe game up in this direction. The way this weather has been going lately, I think that the Fall just might turn out to be a rainy one for us in the Big Apple.

Apparently, rain boots in this day and age are a far cry from the frumpy rubber boots and galoshes that you may have had as a kid. Check out some of these chic and stylish rain boots that I’m obsessing over right now. These are sure to cheer you up when its damp and dreary out!

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Tory Burch Logo Rain Boot (No Longer Available)

After lurking around the web for the last hour trying to round up some rain boot options, I’m pretty satisfied with my little picks above. Still not sure why these boots have to be so darn expensive just to keep my feet dry from the rain. Yet, these rubber puppies have already made their way onto my “wish list” for the season. However, you can definitely find plenty of more budget friendly and just as cute styles at DSW, Target, Amazon and

You can also shop the widget below:


So tell me, are my boot selections worth the price? Are they expensive because they’ll last or because they’re trendy?

Let me know what your favorite rain boot brands are? I’m open to suggestions!

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