NAUTIE GIRL OF THE DAY: Journalist and Fashionable Mother-to-be, Ana Schaepers!

Meet N.A.U.T.I.E Girl of the Day, Ana from Brazil!


Name: Ana Paula Schaepers

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Profession: Journalist and luxury/fashion blogger

Style: Urban, chic and contemporary.

This Brazilian trend-setter represents for all fashionable mom’s and mothers-to-be! As Ana goes into her 33rd week of pregnancy, she doesn’t let it hold her back from staying in-style. She believes that “a woman can still be herself through pregnancy and, therefore, wear stylish and fashionable clothes while being comfortable.” Although a new baby bump can be a challenge to style, Ana excepts it and embraces the beauty of pregnancy.


How Ana transitioned her style while going through her trimesters…

When I found out that I was pregnant, I was still living in Geneva, Switzerland (where I lived for 7 years). The baby bump really showed up after moving back to Sao Paulo, almost 4 months ago. I found it really hard to keep fashionable and in the beginning I was trying to “make do” with my old clothes. I’ve always found fashion for pregnant women outdated, shapeless and not so feminine.

After some research, I discovered a Brazilian brand that makes beautiful, feminine and comfortable clothes for moms to be, and I fell in love with them. They proposed a partnership and that is how I started a series of “look of the day” for pregnant women on my blog.

Ana embraces her pregnancy and highlights her ‘new curves’… 

My problem was that I never accepted that only because I am pregnant, I must let go of my style. And these photos aim to show women that pregnancy does not take away our femininity, sensuality, and beauty. We can wear shorts, jumpsuits, and dresses which are made to beautifully fit – and highlight – our new curves!

IMG_6605 (2)

Advice Ana has for pregnant women who may be struggling with their style and trying to cope with how their body is changing…

Do not fight against your body! Embrace the changes and look for brands that understand that women still want to look and feel gorgeous, even with a huge baby bump! Assume your baby bump and proudly go around and about showing off your beauty. Remember, these changes are happening because something amazing is taking place inside you!


Ana’s outlook on her pregnancy and new style is admirable! I hope that she is able to shine a new light on dressing your baby bump for all mothers-to-be, especially the ladies who may be having trouble with fashion during this amazing time. Love your new figure and don’t be afraid to enhance your wardrobe!

There are a lot of brands out here now that really compliment a pregnant woman’s body. Check out the Brazilian maternity brand that Ana has partnered up with called, Zazou Moda Gestante at

This is not the end of Ana’s style journey, and we’re definitely looking forward to keeping up with this fashionable Nautie Girl!

Are you a fashionable mom or stylish mother-to-be?

We’d love to see your looks!

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