Revamp In Progress! Fresh New Website Coming Soon!


Hey guys…So many of you have hit me up to find out what’s going on with the website, so I just wanted to take a minute to address it here. I know, I know…this is a little overdue so please forgive me….

Now, you may have noticed that it’s been nothing but tumbleweeds & crickets around here lately. No, I have not stopped blogging! (A big shout-out to my concerned readers that reached out to me about this…It’s definitely nice to be appreciated!). I’m actually just taking a mini-hiatus right now. I recently celebrated my one year “blogiversary” and  to honor this fab occasion, I decided to have the site revamped! Now, I did plan to continue blogging daily during this process. However, I got so tied up behind the scenes on the new goodies that I have in store for you, that my day to day stuff ended up taking a huge backseat. Ugh…the struggles of being a one woman operation! 

Anyway, I chose not to shut this current blog down because I have so many new readers that discover us daily & I really wanted everyone to be able to continue to enjoy ‘The Nautie Network’. However, the new site should be up and running soon (pinkie swear)!! So, I thank you in advance for your patience. Please be sure to check in with us & show your girl some love..because we’re definitely coming back bigger & better with new features, more interviews, contests and so much more!

Thanks… Tracy

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