On The Rise With Brandi Jordan & Asia Kemp…The Designing Duo Behind A’Jor Swimwear!

A'jor swimwear Designers

  • Company: A’Jor Swimwear
  • Founders: Brandi Jordan and Asia Kemp
  • Niche: Fashion Industry / Swimwear Design
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA
  • Connect with A’Jor Swimwear: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Brandi Jordan and Asia Kemp are truly a creative force to be reckoned with! I had the pleasure of meeting these beautiful Nautie Girls at the Ultimate Trunk Show a few months ago and I was immediately impressed by their ambition, drive, and determination. Based out of Philly, these ladies are making a lot of noise with their sexy and uber trendy A’Jor Swimwear line, and the industry has definitely taken notice. We recently caught up with the two best friends, registered nurses…and business partners to get the scoop on what it takes for women to succeed in this game….check it out:

Brandi & Asia, please tell us a little about yourselves and what motivated the two of you to form A’Jor Swimwear?

A’Jor Swimwear was founded by Asia Kemp and Brandi Jordan, two young professional women who are fashion forward, free spirited, open minded, creative and energetic. We became inspired to start a swimwear line while out shopping for vacation and noticed that there was a void in the market for different styles of swimwear. Most of the pieces that we saw were the same basic one or two pieces, lacking individuality. And the few designers that did offer unique items were very expensive. There also seemed to be a lack of lines that catered to the young urban population. A’Jor Swimwear offers versatility this is what makes our swimwear different from other brands. We intermix colors and patterns in an unexpected way. We play with retro styles and put a modern twist on them. A’Jor Swimwear is Vibrant ,Daring, and Eclectic!

A'Jor Swimwear-Swimwear Designers-Trendy Swimsuits-Ultimate Trunk Show
Can you each describe your personal style and how that is reflected in your brand?

Brandi– My personal style is utilizing classic, timeless pieces and adding flare and excitement through accessorizing.

Asia– My style is vibrant and eclectic utilizing bold colors and prints. I’m really not into the “fads” of the moment but pieces that remain relevant.

Collectively this is what we reflect in our designs and styles of A’Jor Swimwear.

As mothers, registered nurses and entrepreneurs, how in the world do you juggle it all?

Asia– Juggling is my middle name. I’m a wife, a mother of twin boys, and I work 2 jobs; as a registered nurse and as an entrepreneur. Time management and having my organizer on me are necessities in my life. I have to set deadlines and plan accordingly to make sure I will not get burned out and have time for my family.

Brandi– Well, I’m not a mother but working as a critical care registered nurse which is a high intensity environment, it requires great organizational skills. You must have the ability to interact with all types of people which in turn has helped to build A’Jor Swimwear as a brand.

Cat-Washington-A'Jor Swimwear Model
What are the (3) most crucial things that you have done to grow your business?

 (1) Networking is Key. We attend and participate in trunk shows and pop up malls to meet new people and make new opportunities.

(2) Promotion of the brand through social networks and staying up to date with the latest fashion and trends.

(3) Most importantly, making decisions together as a company without any outside influences.

Name one mistake that you’ve made along the way and what did you learn from it?

One mistake we’ve made is overworking ourselves. In trying to satisfy all of our customers, we have endured many sleepless nights. We have learned to set limits and to not take on more than we can realistically handle. After all, we make all of the swimwear ourselves and strive to make quality garments. Quality over quantity is a value we both share.

What is the one thing that you think that an entrepreneur has to be armed with in order to succeed?

Determination. You have to be able to fail in order to succeed.

A'Jor Swimwear Ad_opt
As women who clearly have no problems chasing their dreams and creating their own opportunities, what advice can you give to someone with similar aspirations?

Do not give up on your dreams! You have to put time and effort into your product. Brandi and I, both have overcome obstacles. It really doesn’t matter where you may have grew up, the best thing you can do is try to have a positive outlook on life and be positive. Be polite to people that you come in contact with too. You never know what doors they may be able to open for you.

What does the future hold for A’Jor Swimwear?

In the future, we want to further expand our brand to be mass produced on a national level. Actually, we’re aiming to have our line mass produced internationally. All while maintaining our vision to cater to all types of women of varying shapes, sizes, and economical statuses.

Finish this sentence: “Everything changed for us when…”

We were invited to participate in the Ultimate Trunk Show for the first time.” The Ultimate Trunk Show is a well known, respected, and established fashion industry trade show event. It requires a certain level of professionalism which required us to build our business as far as website, social networks, gathering of samples, photo shoot, and meeting deadlines.

Ladies and Gents, be sure to check out the A’Jor Swimwear line and don’t be afraid to show these ambitious NAUTIE GIRLS some love!!


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