On The Rise With Celebrity Fashion Stylist Fatiah Rebbekkah Muhammad..As She Talks Style, Inspiration & Success!

Fatiah-Rebbekkah-Clothing Designer

  • Company: Fatiah Rebbekkah Celebrity Fashion Stylist
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  • Location: Brooklyn, New York
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A published stylist by the age of 19, Fatiah Rebbekkah Muhammad has glammed up some of our favorite movers & shakers in the industry such as Coco & Breezy, Jen The Pen, Jackie Christie, Chef Roble, and Angela Yee…just to name a few. In just three short years, this glamazon has set the industry on fire with her sharp eye & keen fashion sense. Yet as she prepares to helm the head of her own fashion empire, she sits down with us to share exactly why she has no plans of stopping anytime soon!


Tell us a little bit about yourself and what actually sparked your passion for fashion?

I was a kid who knew that I wanted to be fabulous when I grew up. Since 6th grade I knew that I wanted to design and be in the fashion field. Since I was very young like 5, I would dress myself and look for ways to make my outfits fun. I was very artistic at a very young age. But as far as styling goes, I was 16 and working as a dresser the day I realized that I wanted to style.

When did you realize that styling was something that you could do for a living?

Well, shortly after “I found myself,” I realized that I wanted to be the creative mind behind looks and shoots. After working with Jessica Bobince who is now the Creative Director at Bullet Magazine. No matter how hard it got or how tired I got, I woke up every day and went back for more. I was falling in love with styling, and at that point I knew that this was the life that I wanted no matter the struggle.

As a woman in a very competitive field, what were some of the challenges you faced trying to establish yourself within the fashion industry? Were you ever discouraged by the process?

I found myself to have more problems with my age then my gender. Older women mainly were harsh and mean. They would call me “new school” or “young one.” The one that I hated was “little girl,” ugh.. they made it really hard for me. I was published at only 19 years old, so some women often I guess felt some way. I mean, I’m 19 and she is 50, and we are on the same set. I guess she felt a certain way that we were on the same level. Even today, I still face these problems. Now, I do get hit on a lot by men too, but that’s nothing that I can’t handle. That comes with being a woman. I have a very manly approach and aggressive personality so men never try me.

You have been blessed with an amazing career at such a young age, and been able to create a lot of wonderful opportunities for yourself. What has been your most memorable experience to date?

I got to meet Betsey Johnson whom I love, and Kenneth Cole and received a few words of wisdom too. I grew up loving them and they were my idols. My dad was obsessed with the brand Kenneth Cole and my mother wore Betsey since she was a little girl. People cry to meet like Lady Gaga, but I cried after having sit downs with those two people. Attending Mercedes Benz for the first time and sitting in the second row when I was 20, I was hyped..(LoL). That was just everything to me at the time. Now its the norm, but then it was the height of it all.

What are (3) vital tips that any young stylist should keep in mind in order to have a promising career within this field?

Learn! Learn! Learn! Please don’t think that you can wake up and just do it. You must study this craft. There is so much more to it than having great taste. Work under someone who is doing it and learnnnn! It will help you so much in the long run.

Aside from being a Celebrity Fashion Stylist, The Jacob Taylor Brand is “your baby”. How did you come up with the name and what has the journey been like starting your own Women’s Wear Collection?

It is my baby…OMG! Well, Jacob in Hebrew derives from the word to “supplant,” which in few words can mean to “seize”!!..and Taylor for us means “Tailor.” We just spelt it with a “y”..Aha! But Jacob is how my career went. I took it! You feel me? The word “NO” didn’t exist. I wanted to be a stylist so bad and no one was stopping me, and Tailor is just one of the words that goes into someone utilizing a stylist. We want people to look sharp, everything to fit right and to just look good. So, the Jacob Taylor Brand was born. If that adds up!

What do you enjoy the most about your career? The least?

I love making people laugh, making them happy and meeting new people, so everyday I try to make someone feel just amazing through clothing. I also get to inspire so many young people who watch me and show them that you can be amazing at a young age and do so much. There are no limits.

What’s the smartest piece of advice you can give to a woman about starting her own business?

Be focused and handle everything as a business! Socialize for the right reasons and be picky with who you do business with. Aim high! The worst that can happen is someone says no. So, just keep going and never stop trying to conquer it all. But be focused and try not to be all over the place. Conquer one thing at a time.

What’s next for Fatiah Rebbekkah Muhammad? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I want to be on the same level as Rachel Zoe. I want my brand to hold more than clothes. I want to include bags and shoes too. I also do a lot of hosting, so I want to end up like a VJ on MTV one day. Maybe…who knows.. I just want to do it allllllllll!!!

Finish this sentence: “Everything changed for me when….”

I began to be recognized and stopped by famous people because they knew my work. It felt great!



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