On the Rise with Maeva Fouche..Merging Passion & Fulfillment With Financial Success

  • Company: Maeva Fouche
  • Niche: Visual Artist / Interior Designer
  • Location: New Jersey
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I had the pleasure of meeting Maeva Fouche a few months ago at ‘The Ultimate Trunk show’. Maeva is such a gifted and dynamic visual artist; and her work is such a true reflection of the love that she has for her craft, her pride in her Haitian-American culture, and her ability to capture and share with us the essence of her soul. Not only was I blown away by her talent, but also by her beautiful spirit as well. Discover what makes Maeva a Nautie girl as she shares her passion, artistic vision and her aspirations with us in the interview below.



Tell us a little about yourself and your business?

I was born in Newark New Jersey and raised within a rich Haitian culture. My childhood was filled with so many stories and historical lesson of my ancestry. I was always fascinated by Haitian art. How our African roots, our music and religion, influenced our artistic styles. I was always proud to know that such richness was embedded in my every being.

My business is simply tapping into my gift and bringing a bit of my culture and life experiences into my paintings. I believe I capture the vibrancy with my color pallets as well as the African, Caribbean and music influences, and put it in a contemporary style. My business is connecting with people through my work, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

How did you discover your passion for Art?

At age seven my two favorite subjects were always art and music. At such a young age I would draw little cartoon characters and would get such a positive response from friends and family. I looked forward to seeing their expressions. It felt good to see them happy with my work. I than began to sell my drawings at school for fifty cents. Once I got a taste of how my art sold so quickly and how much people enjoyed them. I knew from that moment what I was meant to do.

Who or what inspires you to bring your ideas to life?

There is so much inspiration in everyday life. I sometimes walk around my neighborhood or in NYC and people watch. People inspire me, and so does music. There is something amazing about listening to some good music and allowing it to create your world. I get lost in it and when I emerge I find that it has helped me create some great work. The combination of art and music is very therapeutic.

What has been the best and the most challenging part of becoming an entrepreneur?

The best part of becoming an entrepreneur is realizing that the dream of being your own boss has now become tangible. We all have found ourselves wondering what life would be like if what we’ve always wanted became a reality. So many of us spend our live always dreaming, few have actually made it come true.

What I have found to be challenging is getting people to support my movement. Convincing people that what I’ve chosen to do is not an act of being irrational but rather being fearless and believing in myself. So little of us take this road, we stick to what’s safe because that’s all we know. We should live life by what feels right instead of what we were taught.

What career field were you in before stepping out to start your own business?

I have my B.F.A in Interior Design from Kean University and worked within the field for about two in half years.

What was your “breaking point” when you knew it was time for you to do your own thing?

There were so many times I would wake up and say,” There has to be more than this!” Life is not meant to just exist, we’re meant to live it! I’ve always felt out of place working for people. It’s not that I felt I was better than anyone. I just felt it wasn’t my purpose in life.

My last job I was an assistant designer for an Interior Design company. It was two days before I was let go when I felt that my time there was up. I knew that I had to leave whether it was them letting me go or me walking out. I told myself that if I didn’t go for my dream to be an artist that I would always come across the same situation. That was the moment I knew it was now or never. There was no way I was going back on the “Hamster wheel”. My plan is to fulfill my purpose in life, and that is to be an artist!

Were you afraid at any point to step out and pursue your dreams knowing that you had a child to take care of, and other “big girl” responsibilities & obligations to be met? If so, how did you overcome those fears?

I was filled with “Fear” with the usual questions in my head like, “How will I support my son and myself financially?” “Excitement” because I knew my dream would soon become a reality, and a little “Doubt”. Thoughts like, “What if I’m not good enough” would creep in. But I knew that all those emotions were natural, and it was up to me to either allow it to take control or shake it off. I shook it off and focused on what’s more important. I owe it to my son, myself and my family to create a life which allows them to benefit from. I want to be the example, the reason someone says, “I can do it too”. I believe that ultimately my DREAM is so much bigger than any fear and doubts that I ever had.

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What advice can you give to others that maybe a little apprehensive about stepping out to pursue their dreams?

“Time waits for no man!” We’re not promised tomorrow so we should live our lives to the fullest. Some may say, “It’s easier said than done”. Yes this is true. You will meet challenges; some days will feel like you don’t have any more fight left in you. You may not have the support you would like; you’ve fallen so many times you just don’t know if you can get back up etc. But believe me when I say that there is nothing in life that comes easy. Answers don’t fall from the sky and land on your lap. Anything worth having in life is worth the fight to obtain it!

It never feels good to complain about a job that you hate. Your boss is a jerk, your co-worker is asking for an ass whooping, and if they pile anymore work on your desk for you to do you’re going to set that place on FIRE!! I’m exaggerating a bit but you catch what I’m saying. I always tell my family and friends that if it doesn’t speak to your SOUL than why do it? Here’s something I use to do. I would picture the life that I would like filled with happiness and everything I’ve ever imagined. If you’re current job is not a part of your vision than you’ve got some things to change.

What’s next for Maeva Fouche?

I have so many ideas. As of now I’m working on building my brand and combining my art with my background in Interior Design. I would like to eventually open a place for all young artists to come in and just express themselves. A place to help them learn and grow, I believe that art has the ability to save lives. I want to be established enough where I can give back and help someone else reach their dream.

Finish this sentence: “Everything changed for me when….”

My son was born. Even though I was a teenage mother I knew that he was a gift. My prayers answered. I didn’t pray to have a child at such a young age, but I would always pray for strength and courage. My son gives me strength, and the courage to keep going. At age nineteen a child is most defiantly not what I wanted, but it was what I needed. From the moment I laid my eyes on my son I knew that I owed him a better life than mine. Raising a child at a young age was such a challenge and still is. But whenever I felt overwhelmed I would just look at him and be reminded what the fight is for.

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