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As you know BlissedOutBelle.com is all about inspiring and empowering women, so when I had the opportunity to join entertainment powerhouse Yandy Smith and the Editors of EGL Magazine (Everything Girls Love) for a empowering afternoon of Girl Talk, I just had to go.

The Girls Love Girl Talk event was a day of empowerment, inspiration, and networking. It was an awesome event that discussed the ‘Balancing Act’ of how to chase your dreams professionally without neglecting your family or losing yourself in the process. So, ladies if you think you can’t have it all, I had the chance to connect with an awesome panel of female entrepreneurs that have successful careers, and are married with children. So, Yes it can be done!

We came together shared experiences, laughed, and even cried. This event was sisterhood at it’s finest, and that’s exactly how it should be. It was chance to get to the heart of real matters facing women, and receive the well needed advice & support. It was a wonderful event, so I just had to share it with you guys.

Meet The Woman of The Hour...Yandy Smith!

Meet The Woman of The Hour…Yandy Smith!

You may know her as Yandy Smith, from VH1′s Love & Hip Hop, but she is the President/ CMO of Everything Girls Love, LLC. Yandy is a young successful female entrepreneur in the entertainment industry, so she was just the right person to host such an event like this.  At the event, she discussed the balance of chasing success and taking time to start a family. She shared the story of her rise to the top, and even gave us tips on being successful in the business world. Yandy let us know if we’re to ever become a success, we must surround ourselves with people who have what we desire, and are more knowledgeable than ourselves. You basically have to become the fly on the wall, and observe how they conduct business and follow in their footsteps. She also explains that having a mentor is one of the greatest advantages she had. Yandy understands this concept, because her mentor has been for several years, none other than Mona-Scott Young.

In addition, Yandy was such a positive presence, and had a genuine down to earth personality. She really connected with all ladies on an intimate level. Yandy even took the opportunity to get candid and emotional as she shared her experience of becoming a new mom, and going through unforeseen struggles that have recently came up in her life. She reveals how she found her strength in the struggle, and has become stronger from the situation. I truly applaud her for it.

Meet the Influential Women of Girls Love Girl Talk:

Shawna Kay with EGL Beauty Editor Regina M. Tucker

Shawna Kay with EGL Beauty Editor Regina M. Tucker

Regina M. Tucker showed us the importance of beauty from the inside-out approach. She spoke her wisdom with conviction behind her voice, which really moved me. Regina let us in on her journey from switching careers, to becoming a mom. She even revealed some of her hang-ups and insecurities she faced with her physical appearance, after giving birth to her children. Somehow she was able to change her perspective on how she viewed her flaws, and was able to kick her hang-ups to the curb and embrace her flaws. She encourages all women to do the same, while living boldly and unapologetically when it comes to their lives.



Shawna Kay with Clinical Therapist - EGL Love & Sex Editor Precious Avorkliyah

Shawna Kay with Clinical Therapist – EGL Love & Sex Editor Precious Avorkliyah

Precious Avorkliyah gave us advice on maintaining healthy relationships with family while climbing the corporate ladder. As women we’re constantly juggling many roles, which make us feel like we need to slap an ‘S’ on our chest and call ourselves Super Women, but this leads to severe burnout. Precious advises us to take some much-needed ‘Me Time’ on a daily basis, so we don’t feel over worked or stressed out. She also goes on to discuss setting personal boundaries, saying “No”, and asking for help when you need it. Two rules of thumb, don’t try to take on more then you can handle, and ask for help before you start drowning in responsibilities. I definitely agree with Precious, given that I’ve spoken about self-care and setting boundaries in previous posts.




Shawna Kay with EGL Fashion Editor Monica Romero

Shawna Kay with EGL Fashion Editor Monica Romero

Monica Romero shared the secrets to achieving a polished look without spending all day at the mall. She gave us tips on what wardrobe staples every women should have in her closet.  She also let us know that you don’t have to break the bank to be fashionable. Ladies, you can pretty much shop anywhere, but it’s how you put the look together and accessorize, which can make an ensemble look high-priced.  She even went as far as to share her story of becoming a mom, and not keeping it together like she once did. Nevertheless, she snapped out of that, and pulled it together and got her sexy back. Monica totally agrees with the saying “first impression is everything”, so she advises us women to have it pulled together and on point at all times.


Shawna Kay with Executive Producer of Love & Hip Hop Mona Scott-Young

Shawna Kay with Executive Producer of Love & Hip Hop Mona Scott-Young

Let’s not forget who else was in the building, you know who it is, heavy hitter Mona Scott-Young, the CEO of Monami Entertainment and Executive Producer of VH1′s Love & Hip Hop. Even Mona had some sound advice when it comes being successful in your career and personal life. During the discussion I had the chance to ask Mona the following question, “when it comes to taking time for self care, or even staying focused on any goal or accomplishment, what do you do if the people around you aren’t supportive, or consider you to be selfish?” So with that being said, Mona, is a woman who knows a thing or two about not always receiving support, she basically said if they don’t care to support you, they don’t really care for you. When all is said and done, you got to shack ‘em off and let those individuals fall to the wayside. And I totally agree.

In light of this, I know there are those who have much to say about Mrs. Mona Scott-Young, and whether you’ve seen her televisions shows, and are supporters or not; let’s be real, you have to respect her hustle. Go ahead Mona, I ain’t mad at ya!

Overall, ‘Girls Love Girl Talk’ was great! I met some wonderful ladies, and made great connections. I came, I saw, and I connected; what more can a girl ask for!

 Check out the slideshow below for some more pics from this fabulous event.

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