Only When We Are No Longer Afraid Do We Begin To Live….


1) NEVER settle for less than you deserve.

2) NEVER settle to be liked when you should be loved.

3) NEVER hate

4) NEVER give up

5) NEVER believe in FAILURE

6) NEVER think it’s too late to change your life

7) NEVER let the PAST control your FUTURE

NEVER forget to enjoy the power of the present moment.

9) NEVER stop loving yourself

10) NEVER let anyone tell you what you can’t do!


Have you ever come across a message so simple, yet so powerful that it literally just touches you to your core? Well, last night this is exactly what happened to me. Now, it didn’t help that my behind was already beyond sleepy, and I really should have been counting sheep instead of stalking Facebook timelines. So, my judgement may have been a teeny tiny bit impaired. However, once I stumbled upon the post above, I was seriously moved to tears. I’m not talking about a few drops down the cheek either. Nope! I’m talking an all out Kim Kardashian sized meltdown. You see, for more than thirty-something some odd years, I was honestly guilty of breaking every single commandment on this list. I was seriously guilty of sabotaging myself worth, my success, and my happiness….for years. Now, this wasn’t the first time that I was actually acknowledging this. However, it was the first time that I was actually seeing my sins written down in black & white and I was completely overcome with emotion….

Over the years, despite my complaining that “life” just never seemed to go right for me, deep down I’ve always had a feeling that I was the one responsible for “blocking my own blessings.” Yet, I could never find the courage to end this destructive behavior. I was comfortable with it. I was also too busy using it as a shield…to hide out of “fear”. Fear of not being liked, fear of judgement from my peers, fear of being mocked for my passion, fear of failure, the fear of simply being me. For years, I undervalued my self worth and wore this fear as if it were a mask to be worn daily. I wore it when I defied the odds and became the first person in my family to graduate from college, I wore it with every pay raise and promotion that I was working my ass off for, I even wore it during the birth of my baby girl 12 years ago. Unfortunately, despite my piss-poor efforts to remove this mask from time to time, I always managed to fall short. However, I believe that God has a way of revealing what needs to be seen when you least expect it too…and for me, this meant finding the strength during my weakest and darkest moments to finally let go of the fear.

Over the last six years, my life changed drastically. My relatively healthy and active daughter suddenly became sick and started having seizures, I’ve had to deal with the loss of my uncle, my aunt, my cousin, my grandmother, a very close friend, and I’ve had to bury a stillborn. The job that I was literally giving my all to, seemed to be crapping on me. Hell, my family cat of 15 years even passed away from cancer during this time. So, to say that I was “going through it,” is somewhat of an understatement. 

Yet, through all of this grief and darkness that seemed to be surrounding me, came the light and the courage that I needed to finally remove my mask. Yep..over the course of this time, I noticed that I would speak up more about what I felt, needed, and wanted…. I was no longer afraid or concerned with what others thought about me. Not to the point of being rude or obnoxious. However, as long as my actions were aligned in God’s eyes, I was not bringing harm to anyone, and I felt confident in my convictions, then I no longer gave a damn about anyone else’s perception of me. I was healing spiritually, mentally, and emotionally and I was on an internal high honey!! I no longer feared being “broken” by others, because I realized that I had survived what was truly meant to destroy me. Yet, instead of crumbling in the face of defeat, I chose to rise! Rise above every and any fear that I’ve ever had, and reading the message above brought me to the realization that I’ve finally mastered the secret to my life’s success. I was finally able to remove the mask.. to truly accept, respect, and most importantly to love ME!


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