Photo Shoot Fresh: Cora Emmanuel Sizzles For H&M Magazine Summer 2014

Cora-Emmanuel-For-HM-Magazine-Summer-2014 -1.jpg

H&M released their 2014 Summer Magazine featuring the ridiculously beautiful Cora Emmanuel and I’m totally loving these chic tribal and animal prints. Seriously, I can’t wait to prowl the store this weekend in search of a few of these goodies. I’ve already scooped up a few of their swimwear coverups, and I honestly doubt if I really need anymore, but these yummy bohemian prints are so calling my name. I’m telling you, sand is all the mental stimulation that I need to get my gears turning! Swap out Cora, visualizing ME in all of my fierceness (but, of course) and I’ll be damned if I’m not turning H&M upside down like a mad woman in an effort to be this summertime fine on my local beach..Lol! Anyway, take a peek and enjoy!









Photographer Paola Kudacki certainly captured the effortless beauty of Emmanuel in this shoot. I love it! 

What do you think about the H&M 2014 Summer Collection? Is it Nautie! or not…?


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