Reality Check: DJ Traci Steele & DJ Babey Drew Cut From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

DJ Traci Steele & DJ Babey Drew

                                     Photo Credit: The Urban Daily

Did ya’ll know that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast members DJ Traci Steele and her “popcorn ho” loving baby daddy DJ Babey Drew were fired from the show? Well, I obviously missed the memo on this. Apparently, the former couple wasn’t asked to return to the show because they weren’t “turnt up” or better yet ratchet enough to stay on. 

Traci recently spoke to Bossip about being cut from the reality cash cow:

“Am I doing the next season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta? No. I might do some appearances, I might show my face or DJ but as far as being a cast member, no. I didn’t choose. Apparently me and Drew weren’t as turnt up I guess as the rest of the cast members. We had some sanity, some but not all. We were a little bit more relaxed and more grounded I think.”

Traci Steele and Babey Drew

Photo Credit: Zimbio

“A lot of people come up to me and say ‘You had the most class out of everybody else.’ Well class don’t cut it on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” Traci said. “So in order for me and Drew to be on television, we just have to do our own show. But I loved the experience,” Traci said. “If I’m going to be rejected, I’d rather be rejected for not acting like an a*shole than anything else. I didn’t turn up like they wanted me to.”

I guess their “baby mama drama” sans the fist fights, just weren’t enough to keep people interested. I can’t say that I’m not surprised, but I am going to miss Traci and Drew. I actually found them both, along with their drama to be rather believable opposed to some of the other cast members and storylines. Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see who joins the cast next to introduce their brand of crazy to the new season.

What do you think..did Traci and Drew deserve to be booted for not having enough drama?

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