Retail Therapy: Amazing Dupe’s For Givenchy’s Fold Over Wedge Boots

Givenchy Fold-Over Boots

A few days ago, I received a reader request asking me to locate a look-4-less option for these gorgeous riding boots from Givenchy’s Fall 2012 collection that all of the ladies are wearing above. These boots were not only a huge hit among our celebrity fashionistas, but I was definitely stalking them for my holiday wish list as well. Unfortunately, with a sticker price of $1695, my wish list is exactly where they ended up staying. However, prompted by Janissa’s email, I set out on a mission to find us a dupe and WOOHOO! I actually found 2 great look-for-less alternatives…at a fraction of the cost I might add! 

Lookit…The Real Deal:

Givenchy Shark Look Fold Over Wedge Boots

 Givenchy Shark Look fold Over Wedge Boots, $1695

The Steal’s:

First up…

Qamra Leather Wedged Heel Boots


QAMRA Leather Wedged Heel Boots: $169.00


Leather Wedge Knee Boots - Choies_opt

Choies: Leather Wedge Knee Boots: $175.00

Now, I’m usually wary of dupe’s because I never want to sacrifice quality for a cheaper price. However, both pairs of shoes are actually made with real leather and have managed to capture the designer details down to the stitch…less the fancy designer price! These are great substitutes, at amazing prices! They’re sure to be a seasonal sellout…so you better grab’em while you can ladies! 



Tracy Thompson

Tracy Thompson

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Tracy Thompson
Tracy Thompson
Tracy Thompson

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