On The Rise With Sherine Patrick..The Fab Designer of “Enerjiee by Sherine” Spills The Tea On Creating Her Own Lane

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If you haven’t been put on to Enerjiee By Sherine this year, then allow me to introduce you to the Nautie girl that is definitely taking the fashion industry by storm…one glam accessory at a time! Sherine Patrick launched her custom made eyewear brand on 12/12/12, and her amazing Swarovski crystal creations have already graced the catwalk of BET’s “Rip The Runway,” and caught the fashionable eyes of Instyle and OK magazines. We had the pleasure of chatting with the self-professed “Glitter Dictator” and creator of this edgy, sexy, and fun eyewear line to get the tea on exactly what it takes to keep rising to the top…check it out:

Enerjiee by Sherine 1

Recording Artist Moxiie modeling “Zenobia” for Enerjiee By Sherine

Sherine you’ve managed to cultivate a really sleek and “eye-catching” brand. What actually sparked your interest within the Accessory Industry and led you to create “Enerjiee”?

I was born with a lazy left eyelid (medical term is ptosis) and as a kid growing up in Brooklyn, I had a difficult time with teasing/being “different”. I’ve had a few surgeries on the lid but I began wearing sunglasses every day after my 2nd surgery in 7th grade. By the time I got to college (3 surgeries later), sunglasses was a part of my look. The initial concept of Enerjiee was born when I started embellishing eye-wear in college out of boredom and would let friends use it in fashion shows. A few years later I met someone who made it an actual career and I was fascinated! About a year later, I interned for that same designer and realized that I had fallen in love with designing. After my internship ended, I went on to intern at several places including SONY Music and Complex Media. It was at Complex I was encouraged by a supervisor to start my own line. She really thought I had a talent and urged me to DO it. That’s how Enerjiee was born.

Can you please describe the style and overall vibe of “Enerjiee” and what makes it stand out amongst the competition?

The style and vibe of the line is what I like to describe as “Class with a bit of sass and Chic with a bit of F*ck you!” The pieces are always going to be an extension of me. I have many layers to my personality and the line (for now) will have the same. Enerjiee is multi-faceted. A lot of the hand-embellished brands that are out now are amazing, but I also wouldn’t consider a lot of them wearable by every woman. I love to look different; I want to also be able to go out without looking like an exhibition. It’s making a statement without putting neon signs over your head that say, “HEY LOOK AT ME!”

Moxiie in "Lidz" for Enerjiee By Sherine

         Moxiie in “Lidz” for Enerjiee By Sherine

Okay…you’re not only a designer, but a very entertaining blogger and a freelance writer as well. How rewarding is it to be able to spend each day following your heart and pursuing your dreams?

Haha! You found my blog? I’m glad you like it. I won’t lie, it is super rewarding to write, get your thoughts out and have people actually care.

With such a full plate, how do you balance personal time, work, and building your brand?

I do have a 9-5, but honestly, I balance everything because I genuinely love what I do. People who use the word “busy” bother me. You make time for what you want to do, if you don’t want to do it, you make an excuse (i.e. “busy”). Building a brand is hard work, working 9-5 is hard work, but I come from a mother who worked 2 jobs to keep a roof over the heads of my brother and me. I think I got this *wink*.

Moxiie rocking "Monroe" for Enerjiee By Sherine

                   Moxiie rocking “Monroe” for Enerjiee By Sherine

Now, “Nautie” girls are known for being “Fun, Fab, and Fearless!” So, I need you to share the secret behind your strut by finishing the following sentences:

In business a woman should never be afraid to….

SPEAK UP! Closed mouths don’t get fed on this boulevard they call life.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned since launching…

People won’t respect you in the beginning, but respect yourself and they’ll have no choice but to comply. You teach others how to treat you.

None of my success would be possible if not for…

My faith and key people deciding to take a chance on this little Brooklyn bred and Caribbean fed girl.

Everything changed for me when I….

Realized not every opportunity was a good opportunity and learned how to decipher between the two.

Enerjiee By Sherine Eyewear

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