STYLE Fashion & Hair EVOLUTIONS: With Kelly Rowland!

STYLE Fashion & Hair EVOLUTIONS: Kelly Rowland!

This week’s “STYLE Fashion & Hair Evolutions” features the beautiful and talented singer, dancer and actress Ms. Kelly Rowland!

Most of us may know her as a former-member of  R&B group, Destiny’s Child, but this fashionista has really come into her own over the years. Out of all of the girls in the group, Kelly has been the one to evolve the most through hair and fashion.

During the early 90’s in Destiny’s Child, Kelly rocked a very short hair cut. She was known for her edgy look, and it went very well with her sex appeal.

As the years went by, she continued with her statement short haircut, but eventually let it grow out past her ears. With her flipped short black hairdo, Kelly was unstoppable!

As a part of Destiny’s Child, Kelly was always rocking a cute bralette or halter top, with baggy bottoms or a tight skirt. She was a bit tomboyish, but still kept a feminine edge to her look. Every girl in the group had their own style, and Kelly’s worked quite well for her. 

At this time, kelly began playing around with her look and added hot, spicy red highlights!

Shortly after the trio brought the famous R&B group to an end, the songstress branched out to pursue a solo career. Going solo allowed Kelly to come into her own spotlight and finally introduce us to the woman behind the music!

 As she evolved as an artist, so did her style. Kelly let go of the short haircut and allowed her hair to grow past her shoulders, and went back to a more vibrant jet black color. This fashion maven has always been extremely versatile when it comes to her look, and is seriously not afraid to switch it up. You’ll often catch Kelly rocking straight to curly hairstyles and textures from one day to the next. 

Kelly quickly made it evident that she was no longer “the little girl from Destiny’s Child.” She finally became Kelly Rowland, and her style seemed to transform from tomboy and sexy, to mature and classy overnight. Very rarely is she ever seen without a fierce pair of heels on! On the red carpet, Kelly is also known and looked upon to bring the heat with her effortless style too. From evening gowns to cocktail dresses, kelly definitely knows how to compliment her stunning figure.

Kelly on ABC’s red carpet in a glittery and silver gown, with coppery brown highlights in her hair.

She continues to look phenomenal in another ball gown for the annual Grammy Awards. 

Kelly pulls her hair back and shows a little leg for the Brit Awards 2008.

Kelly with long curly hair and a long orange gown, attending the Essence Black Women in Music event.

The beautiful songstress in a short-do at the International Women’s Media Foundation 20 Year Anniversary.

Although, Kelly will probably always be remembered for her short hairstyle from her Destiny’s Child days, we are really loving her new signature long, sleek jet black hairdo with the Chinese bangs.

Miss Rowland on the run in a floral textured white dress, followed by red booties, and rocking her new bangs.

I must say, that Kelly’s style and hair evolution has made a turn for the best. Her style remains sexier and classier each year. No, fashion slip-ups over here!

With the success of her highly anticipated disc “Talk A Good Game,” and her new gig as a judge on this season of the X-Factor, this triple threat is seriously showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon! 

Be sure to catch Kelly Wednesday and Thursday nights on the X-Factor, 8/7c on FOX, and I guarantee you that her fashion best is definitely yet to come!

What do you think of Kelly’s style? Is she someone that you look towards for fashion inspiration? Is she Nautie or Not?

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