Style File: How to…Wear Flats!

How to Wear Flats — some of you may be thinking: “There’s a special way to wear them?” “How can it be so hard to wear flats?” Some fashionistas have flats, but aren’t sure of what to wear them with. Some wear flats, but their look isn’t flattering. Here’s where I come in. I’m here to give you a few tips on ways to wear flats without looking frumpy. More so, ways to compliment your look.

1. Stay On Point!


Many people are caught wearing round-toe flats. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with them, but they’re more old fashioned than modern. Spice up your shoe collection with an edgy look, like a pointed toe flat. They are more elegant and elongate the leg. It is a plus to look for ones that are low cut that expose a little toe cleavage. May sound funny, but wait til’ you try it 🙂

2. Be Playful!

When it comes to fashion, you want to be able to have fun. Play with different prints, patterns and styles. I absolutely love flats with a metalic toe! Something about the look is so sophisticated. You could try graphic prints, animal textures or even bright colors. If you’re more on the simplistic side, you could stick to a bold color flat with a little pop to it. For rexample, a simple black flat with an oversized rhinestone, or a red leather flat with an cute little bow on top would sench up your look. In order to rock a nice pair of flats, you must have fun in your look, that’s the golden rule!

3. For the Love of Legs

What’s a look without showing a little leg? The key to working flats is to keep the rest of your look “short or fitted.” Try a pointy toe with capris, a simple v-neck, and blazer. When wearing a skirt, don’t be afraid to go short. The more leg compliments the shoe. Even a cute a-line dress that hits above the knee could go well. If you prefer to be a bit more covered up, try a pair of fitted jeans where you can see your ankles. Bottoms to avoid when wearing flats are, wide-leg pants and big loose skirts that hit you mid-calf. Don’t be afraid to show off your legs or ankles for the sake of fashion!

4. Bag It Up!

When wearing anything short with your flats, such as a skirt or dress, carry a big bag. An oversized bag or fashionable tote goes great with this look. As small bag will look alittle silly. If you choose to wear flats with a covered look, such as jeans or slacks, keep it minimal with a small bag. Small bags are great accents and don’t take too much away from the outfit. Remember: short look = big bag, covered look = small bag.

I hope you can put these tips to your daily wardrobe! Stayed tuned for the next “How to..”

Do you have any tips on how to wear flats? If I missed anything, be sure to post your ideas below. We would love to see your looks with flats! Don’t be shy 🙂

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