Real Talk: Toni Braxton Opens Up About Abortion, Depression & Suicidal Thoughts In New Book


Toni Braxton is by far the most private sibling to come out of the Braxton family household, so I really think that more than a few of us are going to be pretty shocked by some of the things that the singer has chosen to share in her new book, “Unbreak My Heart: A Memoir.”

In her new tell-all…and I do mean ALL, Toni talks about growing up a preacher’s kid, the guilt over leaving her sisters behind to pursue her solo career, and why she believed that God made her son autistic as punishment for an abortion that she had years ago. 

Along the way, the ‘Braxton Family Values’ star also opens up about her marriage and divorce, her career and the struggle of trying to bounce back from not one, but two bankruptcies. 

While making the publicity rounds this week, the ‘Let It Flow’ singer stopped by GMA to give us the scoop on how this all came about.

Check out her interview below:


The book hit the shelves on May 20th, so you can grab your copy now.

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