Artist Spotlight: Traedonya Talks Pitfalls Of Love, New Album & Her Ultimate Collaboration!

Traedonya - High Fructose Corn Syrup

Even with her beautiful and unique voice, the talent to rival some of the industry’s greatest legends, and the success of several international hit records couldn’t help Traedonya avoid the hazards of falling for the wrong man. Lucky for us, “The Bride of New Funk HipOpera” decided to use that heartache as inspiration to create her highly anticipated forthcoming studio album High Fructose Corn Syrup, a testimony to finally living life on her own terms! We caught up with this Nautie Girl to discuss all that, and to get the scoop on this star that is clearly on the rise.

I’m totally loving your new song ‘Another Lie’! Could you give us some background on the song and why you chose that as the first single off of your new EP ‘High Fructose Corn Syrup’?

Thank you, so much. The song “Another Lie” is a song that is very close to my heart. I went through a crazy situation with a guy that I was in a relationship with. Every woman wants to believe in her man, that he’s loyal and true to his word. My guy at the time that I wrote the song promised that there was just me, I found out that there were several other females when I wasn’t around. One of those females that the love of my life was involved with, was his on and off ex-girlfriend. I actually knew about their on and off relationship, but I was told that it was over and believed the hype. The situation went way left when his ex and I ran into one another at his apartment, I was leaving the building and she was coming in the building. She and I ended up sharing what we thought were facts about our boyfriend. Anyway, it took me a long time to get over the guy, but that ridiculous situation made a great song! The joke is that he was there when I wrote the song, just looking at me like I was crazy.

Alrighty then..Well, how did you come to chose that as the title for the EP?

High fructose corn syrup is very addictive, people love the taste in their food. My project “High Fructose Corn Syrup” is also super sweet and very addictive, once you taste it you want more. The release of my EP “High Fructose Corn Syrup” has moved a couple of times, we are looking for the release to finally pop off in early 2014.

Traedonya - High Fructose Corn Syrup

As “The Bride Of New Funk HipOpera” you’re sound is definitely unique. What do you believe is the one element that makes your lyrics, music, and voice stand apart from others in the industry right now?

Growing up, everything played in my house, Gospel, Soul, Funk, Blues and Soft Rock played. When we moved to New York City, I was introduced to Hip Hop and fell in love. Hip Hop and New York City introduced me to the inner city, graffiti and Freestyle”. Spending time at a Jazz Conservatory also broadened my horizons. The element that separates me from others is that I incorporate my entire musical trajectory into my music, lyrics and sound. I don’t place myself in any one box, I do what I like and what I feel.

You call New York home, you’ve lived in London, and you’ve been blessed to travel the world through out your career. How has that influenced your style of music?

Traveling, moving around, seeing other cultures vibe has really impacted my music, because I include some of those different sounds in my music. London is the gateway to continental Europe, they get all the good music before it spreads out throughout the rest of Europe. Living in London introduced me to Dub Step, Jungle and Garage. My song “I’ll Give It 2 U” was remixed by so many different DJs around the world. DJs and producers from Indonesia, Italy, United Kingdom, France and the U.S are featured on “I’ll Give It 2 U” remix project. All of the mixes have my vocals featured over those different sounds. I embrace it all, as long as it’s good. I love living out of my suitcase and part of the fringe benefits of this crazy business is that I do get to travel. I’m a huge fan of music, I’m a fan first. 

You not only sing and write, but you produce as well. What’s your ‘creative process’ like in the studio?

My creative process starts with the lyrics. The words come first for me for the most part, because I’m a lyricist and I adore the art of poetry. Sometimes the creative process can start with building the music or building the lyrics and melody lines, it really depends on the feel and direction. I am always writing songs and poems though, always.

The other day I was listening to some of the demos of Sir Michael Jackson that have now been released to the public. The demos have him going over and over the words that he writes and the melody lines. I was like wow, that’s exactly what myself and other artists that I know do, go over and over and over the words and melodies until we get it where we want it to be.

Traedonya, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Another Lie

Hip Hop Impresario Large Professor has been very instrumental in your career. What has that experience been like for you? What’s the best piece of advice he’s given you?

Artistically, the experience for me has been and is beautiful. I always learn something from him even if we are just speaking on the phone, he’s full of wisdom and knowledge to be such a young man in music, I love being around him and working with him. Large Professor actually got me my first real big check in the music industry, he got me my first band and my first major record deal, no one else can say that in reference to me and my journey. The best advice that he has given me is to keep working on my craft and building my skills.

What are some dream collaborations down the line? Give me (3) women in music that you’d like to rock with?

I dig several producers and entertainers, but Prince is the ultimate love supreme for me. Prince, would be “my dream collaboration”. I would love to work with Prince and one day I will. The second half of your question is really funny to me, because one of the people that I always looked up to, I did indeed get to meet, but things didn’t go as I imagined. I have always been into Queen Etta James and her music. My band and I happily opened up for her in New York City. Even though I did get to share the stage with her, Queen Etta James was really quite rude, so that crushed a “dream team” idea (laughing).

There are several women in music that I love and adore. I totally dig The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. Queen Aretha’s voice and her musical trajectory tell stories of grind an glory. I Aretha Franklin, I love her the most. I love Nancy Wilson, Ms. Annie Lennox, Blues singer Shemekia Copeland and anybody that knows me, knows that I love me some Lil Kim. (Laughing) What a mixture. They are all exciting, inspiring and motivating, from their growth, their grind and to the stage. These women are all amazing to me.

Fashion is also a big influence of yours. Having lived in two of the world’s major fashion capitals, London and New York, what are you loving in fashion right now?

I’m not really into one particular designers, I like different looks from different people. Right now though, I’m into a lot of the Eastern fashion that I see on the runway and in the streets. A lot of the women with Eastern backgrounds wear great accessories and I accessories. I also love long skirts that flow well and the different fabrics.

What do you want your fans to take away from your new EP ‘High Fructose Corn Syrup’?

I want my current fans and new fans that may just be learning about TRAEDONYA! to never ever live in a box, to never live in a cage and to know that freedom of expression is a beautiful thing!

Finish this sentence: “Everything changed for me when I….” activated my passport!

Ooooh we love her!… I also know that we can all relate to this jam right here:

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