[Video] “Fans” Question Reality TV Star Draya’s Parenting Skills on 106 & Park. Is It Out of Concern Or Hate?

On Thursday, one of my favorite reality TV vixens Basketball Wives of LA’s Draya Michele, made her way over to 106 & Park to co-host the show with Bow Wow. All seemed to be going very well until Draya decided to engage the Twitter audience and posted the hashtag #AskDraya. Now for those of you that may not be familiar with Draya, this young woman has parlayed her little reality TV stint into a very lucrative career. Aside from her modeling and hosting gigs, within the last year Draya has also created two very successful apparel lines; Mint Swim (Swimsuit Collection) and Fine Ass Girls (Sportswear Collection).

Unfortunately, instead of fielding questions about her career, apparel lines or her television show, Twitter users seemed more concerned with asking rude and downright cruel questions about her role as a parent to her young son. Draya’s parenting skills originally came under fire during her first season on “Basketball Wives LA.” At the time, she was confronted by a few cast members about reportedly being arrested for child endangerment, as well as allegations of child abuse and neglect that were found over the internet.

Now, I can see being called out by your castmates on your reality show. However, for viewers to bring that up during a live segment video show is totally ridiculous. I really doubt the questions being thrown out there were out of concern for Draya’s son. Instead of taking the opportunity to support another woman out here hustling her behind off and trying to secure a future for her son, some folks seemed more concerned with trying to tear her down.

Peep some of the tweets on the #AskDraya hashtag:

“If I threw money and your son on the air which would you catch first?”

“Is your son gonna star in the new “Home Alone” movie?”

“On a scale of Helen Keller to Ray Charles, how often do you see your son?”

The overwhelmingly negative tweets about her parenting prompted Draya to address the issue live on the show. She told her co-host Bow Wow:

“Well, the first thing is, of course, I don’t expect people to understand my life because it’s my life. I’m not a bad parent in anyway. And I’m lucky enough to have fans who actually followed me on the show and they know the path that I’m try to choose and set for my family and the direction we’re trying to go.”

Draya also shared how she deals with the haters:

“Well, I got so many. I’m starting to think that they really don’t hate me. I think they are confused and they are admirers. That’s what someone told me, haters are confused admirers. I don’t deal with them. I just let them hate on their own… I just feel like if you’re thinking about me — negative or positive — you’re still thinking about me.” 

Amen Sista!!! People are always going to have something to say regardless of what you choose to do. So, I believe you should only start worrying once they STOP talking about you.

Anyway, in case you missed it, check out the clip below as Draya discusses upcoming projects & fields questions from her fans during the live Twitter chat:

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