[Watch] 10-Year-old Motivational Speaker “Kid President” Interviews Beyonce In Honor Of World Humanitarian Day

Motivational Speaker and comedian, 10-year-old Robby Novack otherwise known as “Kid President” is on a mission to “make the world less boring,” and he’s certainly having a whole lot of fun along the way. Kid President, who calls himself “the voice of a generation” is the latest Youtube sensation that has exploded onto the scene. His first Youtube video “A Pep Talk” has garnered close to 30 million views alone. I can definitely see why…this kid is hands down adorable! Kid President has gone on to make several inspirational videos and to interview notable celebrities such as screenwriter Pen Ward and musician Josh Groban, and even had President Obama call on him to help promote the 2013 White House Easter Egg Roll.

Well, Kid President recently took to youtube to express his admiration for Beyonce and to tell Bey, exactly why she should let him interview her:

“Hello Beyonce, It’s me kid president. I just wanna say I think you’re pretty awesome. I think we should do a video together to help United Nations but you would probably be like ‘What, what would the video be like?’ I got some chicken nuggets; were gonna act it out. This is Beyonce, this is me. I chose this T-Rex because I’m pretty strong.”

Check him out in action:

Well, Ms. Beyonce who happens to be an Ambassador for World Humanitarian Day 2013, agreed to sit down with this pint sized powerhouse to let us all know exactly what the world could use some more of.

I can never get enough of kids with this much swag! Definitely wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the OWN network soon serving up dopeness and encouraging all of the little kiddies out here. We definitely wish him much success!


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