[WATCH] Entrepreneur Extraordinare Ming Lee’s “It Was All a Dream” documentary is a must see!

Celebrity hairstylist and entrepreneur Ming Lee just released the first part of her “It Was All a Dream” documentary, and it is definitely a must see for all of my hustlapreneurs out there. Ms. Lee is a true testament to the phrase “Started from the bottom, and now she’s here!” In a little over three years, this talented 26-year-old woman took $500, coupled with ambition and one hell of a dream, and managed to parlay that into a series of very successful businesses.



For as long as she could remember, Ming has always wanted to “Take Over The World,” and she is definitely well on her way to doing just that. Raised in Detroit, Ming relocated to Atlanta shortly after high school at the age of nineteen to pursue her dreams of being a hairstylist. While on her hustle, she coined the phrase “SNOB LIFE,” and this quickly became the blueprint to her empire. Snob Life is the alter ego persona that takes over every woman once she knows that she has “IT”. Ladies, you know how we do once we get that hair done, the nails did, and the outfit is on point… You can’t tell us nothing! Actually, you couldn’t tell Ming nothing. She immediately recognized the empowerment behind the Snob Life concept and proceeded to turn a simple phrase into a lifestyle. 

In three years, Ming has become a well-known and sought after hairstylist not only in Atlanta, but across the country. She recently celebrated the grand opening of her new salon; Snob Life Studio in the Castleberry District of  Atlanta, GA. In addition to being a prominent distributor of extensions in the hair game, Ming is also in the process of developing a full line of hair care products and will be releasing her first book on marketing and branding soon. Werk Girl!!

Ming at the Grand Opening of her Snob Life Studio

                            Ming at the Grand Opening of her Snob Life Studio

As if that’s not motivating enough, Ming is also a huge believer in supporting her community and “giving back”. Aside from her many philanthropic efforts, she felt that it was extremely important to document her journey and share some of her experiences in an effort to encourage others to pursue and achieve their dreams.

For all of the inspiring entrepreneurs out there, Ming Lee gives you her words of wisdom: “Push through, never give up, never feel defeated, and never take no for an answer. If I can do it, so can you!”

Check out Ming’s inspirational “It was all a dream” documentary below and let us know what you think:

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