What’s up with Baby Blue’s “Do”?

You’ve got to be kidding me…Beyonce updates her Tumblr and included the cutest shot of her little bumblebee Blue Ivy Carter (pictured above) sitting in a mini director’s chair, and it sparks a Twitter $hit storm with people commenting negatively about the baby’s hairdo. Blue who appears to be chilling in her pink top, tutu, and her hair braided into plaits, is obviously rubbing some folks the wrong way with her hairstyle…

Why is Blue Ivy’s hair never done?!” wrote one fan.

It’s like Beyoncé is practicing her Barbie doll styles on Blue Ivy’s hair. I don’t understand what’s going on here.” added another.

This is the second time Blue Ivy’s hair has been a hot topic of discussion. Apparently, she caused quite the stir with her “unkept curls” when she was spotted in Paris last month with Beyonce in the pic below.Beyonce & Blue

Well, instead of obsessing over when Beyonce is going to comb Little Blue’s “messy do”, here’s what I really want to know:

Where can I get a “Beyonce Wind Machine?” I want to walk into Target with my hair whipping around..giving me life!

“What do you put on the bottom of your heels that allows you to “drop-it-like-its-hot” without busting your behind on that stage?” Seriously…I am tired of two-steppin’ in the club, but I won’t do more than that because I know that I will break my neck if I tried in some 5″ heels..SMH

“Bey, I’ve heard that you donate your expired wigs to charity…well, please consider me your new cause.” I so want one of Beyonce’s beyond gorgeous full laces!! Ummm… preferably the sexy one that she was flinging around at the Super Bowl…but I’ll work with whatever she can do…lol

Sorry…I just had to add to the tomfoolery.

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